Including you

Everyone should be able to use our products to communicate, irrespective of their capability.

To help make sure that's the case, our Including You website offers a full range of products, information and advice for people with an impairment.

The site is fully accessible, and you can alter font sizes and background colours to suit your need. It's compatible with Browsealoud, which reads web pages aloud and highlights each word as it's spoken – useful if you need help reading or seeing a computer screen. Many pages also have information in British Sign Language (BSL).

Here's what help and guidance is available over at Including You:


Hearing impairments impact many people in different ways. If you think you're finding it harder to hear, you're certainly not alone - there's a lot you can do to make communicating easier.


Almost two million people in the UK are living with some form of sight loss – around one person in thirty. We offer information on living with visual impairment and technology that can help you communicate.

Speech and language

Having a stammer, a quiet voice or no voice at all can make speaking on the phone a challenge, and being self-conscious can make the situation worse. Including You offers information on identifying speech impairments in addition to products that can help such as speaker phones and Text-to-speech.


Your ability to move about can impact how you communicate. We provide guidance on recognising mobility issues and the products and services that can help if you need longer to get to the phone or if you're unable to sit or stand for a long time.


If you find it hard to use a handset, type a message or send an email, there are alternatives to help you communicate more easily.

Understanding and using technology

Technology is confusing for all of us from time to time. With so many gadgets on offer it can be hard to keep track of how things work. Including You offers advice on technology that could make things easier and what other sources of support are available to help when you have an issue.

We also listen to disability experts

Our Customer Inclusion Leadership Panel of external disability experts, now in its third year, gives us an independent view on how we can improve our performance and make sure we're doing all we can to be as inclusive as possible. Watch this video to find out how the Panel influences BT's approach to accessibility.

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