The Better Future Supplier Forum is a collaborative, learning and development forum set up to identify, collect, disseminate and implement best practice and drive innovative sustainable product and proposition development.

The Better Future Supplier Forum was set up by BT in 2012 to drive innovation in sustainability in our supply chain. It forms a key part of the delivery of our commitment to being a leader in responsible and sustainable business.

Business responsibility matters to BT. In fact social and environmental responsibility has been a central part of our business strategy since the early 1990s. It's vitally important to us that we grow as a business in a way that benefits our customers and society - for example through the use of communications technology to help tackle social and environmental challenges, or by addressing critical issues such as privacy, content standards and accessibility.

Gavin Patterson
"The concept of the circular economy tallies completely with our thinking at BT about the importance of providing goods and services sustainably. 

As a company, we feel intimately involved with these ideas, because digital technology will play a crucial role in providing the information needed to create iterative logistics and restorative systems."

Gavin Patterson
Chief Executive, BT Retail

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