Carol Bernstein

Carol BernsteinJob title: Director, Manufacturing & Automotive Sector
Business Unit: GS UK
Joined:  February 1997

When I joined BT in 1997 as commercial manager, BT was in a very different place to where it is today. BT's marketplace has changed dramatically and continues to evolve and it is this dynamism that contributes to the excitement of working for BT.

M y qualifications and experience have enabled me to contribute to the business through a variety of roles.These roles have been extremely varied and have included responsibility for sales and account management through to delivery teams, setting and driving sector strategy and marketing plans to leading Sector P/L management. Customer satisfaction and employee CARE programmes have also formed an important part of my remit. I am currently working in Global Services Transformation Programme as Transformation Director for a portfolio of initiatives. BT has enabled me to gain valuable insights into the different parts of the organisation.

One of the best things about working for BT is the variety of people it has brought me into contact with - from CEOs of some of the world's largest corporations, to technical and service experts, legal and regulatory teams and a variety of Transformation experts. My personal development has been second to none through BT's ability to offer a vast range of opportunities.

To effect business change you have to change behaviours and this takes time and energy. My current role is pivotal to ensuring that people are fully engaged with our Transformation Programme and understand the role they play in BT's future.