David Falkner

David FalknerJob title: Fault Volume Reduction Lead
Business Unit: BT Wholesale
Joined:  January 2004

I joined BT on the Fast Track leadership scheme in January 2004 and the progress since then has been incredible. I started out implementing various change initiatives within our customer service teams and, within three months, I was asked to head up a £44m service relationship with a major Mobile Network Operator.  I then went on to head up the team designing and implementing an end-to-end fault forecasting process for Wholesale, and am now using that work to contribute to a programme which will cut 30% of core network faults from our business by March 2007.

There’s an increasing sense of urgency wherever you look in BT. I think the level of competition within the industry has perhaps made this inevitable, but working for a former monopoly which now regularly wins awards for innovation and vision makes for some pretty exciting times.

Day to day, I try and ensure I’m out with my teams and customers as often as possible so I can really understand the issues they’re facing. This makes for a fair amount of travel but the pay-off is that the job is hugely varied.  There is a lot of senior exposure, with associated pressure to get key facts right first time, but also a genuine chance to influence major decisions.
If you build a strong reputation, and deliver consistent results, there is a constant stream of new initiatives that you can get involved in.  It means there is never a dull moment, but equally means you need to be able to prioritise appropriately on the bits where you feel you can add the most value.

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