Ditesh Shah

Ditesh ShahJob title: Billing Operations Manager
Business Unit: International Billing and Settlement / Global Services Finance
Joined:  October 1983

I’ve been at BT for over 20 years and I have seen the company change almost beyond recognition over that time. I started out as a Management Accountant and have moved through a range of finance roles in different parts of the business. Today, I’m Billing Operations Manager in the Global Services Finance team.

I’m responsible for managing a team that deals in payments and billing for various products, including third party billing for foreign Telcos. As well as management and financial accounting duties, I’m often to be found presenting accounting data to external Telco’s at high profile meetings. I also submit bids and negotiate fees for new contracts and other paid work.

The best thing about my job is that I get meet and deal with customers from all over the world. You need good people skills in this job, obviously, and the ability to negotiate and manage customer relationships are key too.

Change has always been a feature of life at BT and if anything it’s speeding up. One trend that has definitely changed the way we all work is the increasing automation of systems to improve speed, efficiency and accuracy. Over the years this has led to a huge reduction of time spent processing data  - I now get to devote much more energy to analysis.

I see managing this change as part of my job description. It’s down to me to suggest ways in which new ideas can be agreed, planned and implemented, and then ensuring that it is embraced by the team when introduced. 

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