Jo Osborne

Jo Osborne

Job title: BT HR Profession Lead
Business Unit: BT Consumer HR
Joined: July 1997

I joined BT as a Graduate and since then I’ve had a varied career in BT. I started out in the Research Department developing business models to better understand customer migration. Moving on after a couple of years into the really exciting area of virtual and augmented reality where I worked as a Project Manager. I then moved into a role where I managed a team whose job it was to support the down streaming of technology and innovation; through developing propositions to obtain funding to develop our research.

The role evolved into working with our market facing units on large bids using BT’s research and innovation capabilities as a differentiator in the market place. I really enjoyed this role; it allowed me to engage directly with BT’s customers and show them future technologies and innovation that could impact their business and their customers. There was often some real light bulb moments where a customer could see the potential for a particular technology hugely impacting their business.

The beauty of working in BT is that you can move across professions. My current role couldn’t be more different as I am now leading the development of BT’s HR profession; defining career pathways and accredited learning opportunities for the HR community. This has been a complete career direction change into HR professional development.

What I enjoy most about my job is working with people from across the whole of the organisation to define and build career opportunities and learning interventions to support the growth and development of the HR community. HR is the place where people come to for learning and development but my work means that I am making sure we in HR have the learning and development we need to grow our careers and be ready to take that next career step.

A key skill I bring to my role is the ability to see the bigger picture and the long-term impact of short-term decisions. The HR Profession programme is all about developing our future HR leaders and decisions made today will impact our future not tomorrow but in the years to come.

So what’s next for me? I have only recently taken on this role and expect to develop into in over the next couple of years. After that who knows? There are always great development opportunities in BT and we are encouraged to join professional communities that provides both internal and external development and training.

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