Matt Lawson

Matt LawsonJob title:  Head of Applied Technology Centre
Business Unit: GCTO
Joined:  August 1996

I joined BT in the research team and soon found myself taking responsibility for some key research projects - I worked on the prototypes of the first screen phones, for example.  I went from there to a programme management role in advanced technology projects, which gave me the chance to help deliver world first technologies into BT’s showcase at the Millennium Dome.  After that, I became Head of the Multimedia Lab before moving two years ago to my current role as Head of Applied Technology.

Mine’s a hugely varied and creative job and I really thrive on the pace of it. Here in the Applied Technology Centre we’re involved in developing products that will have a major impact on the directions and future of the company - I like to see my work making that kind of difference.

On any given day, my diary is likely to be filled with meetings with anyone from internal customers or board members through to specialists from our various project teams. I regularly do presentations and technology demonstrations, and also spend quite a bit of time managing issues such as project planning, strategy and finance.

I’ve been here for 10 years now and there’s no doubt that the company has changed a great deal in that time. Perhaps the most obvious change from a personal point of view is that I now work far more flexibly and on the move. I am up and down to London all the time and I work from home much more as well.

In general, I’d say the pace of change at BT has picked up considerably over the last few years.  My job is about lining up innovative ways for the company to use technology and I’ve seen the timescales between idea and launch getting shorter all the time.  There is much more commitment to delivery and implementation - it’s no good just having great ideas; we need to deliver and execute them efficiently too. As a company we’ve learnt from other innovators in our industry that it’s about applying technology to the real needs of BT’s customers, being fast to market and offering excellent value for money.

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