Pamela Donald

Pamela DonaldJob title:  Apprentice Customer Service Technician
Business Unit: Openreach
Joined:  September 2005

As an Apprentice, I’ve spent quite a lot of my time since I joined focusing on picking up the skills I need. I’ve been on a few courses, completed a BTEC and done some work-shadowing too.

My role is very varied and a typical day could involve anything from college or team meetings to working on site. If it’s a normal working day, it’ll start when I receive a job on my laptop. I’ll assess how I’m going to tackle it and then find the premises and the local BT points. I’ll work closely with the customer throughout, telling them what’s going on, and hopefully sort out the problem. I find it really satisfying to go through the process of identifying the fault, solving it and then hearing the dialling tone on the customer’s phone. After each job there’s a bit of admin on the laptop then it’s on to the next one.

What makes my job so interesting is that every job is a new issue to be solved. You need to start by sussing out the fault then try various solutions until you crack it. Even though the training is excellent, you still find yourself learning a great deal from each job - you can’t beat actually getting out there and doing it.

Another way I’m looking forward to developing my knowledge over the next couple of years is through secondments. I want to explore different parts of the business and expand my engineering skills. With that broad base of knowledge, I’d then like to be given my own area to look after.

I think change in the workplace can be influenced from a personal level; any direction of change starts with an idea or a view held by an individual.  An example of this is Openreach’s efforts to attract more women into engineering roles. I think I can contribute by showing that it is possible for women to be good engineers and that this is an area of work they’ll enjoy. Hopefully I can set an example that will give other women the confidence to apply.

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