Sinead Brennan

Sinead BrennanJob title:  Customer Service Engineer
Business Unit: Openreach
Joining:  September 2004

I wasn’t sure about going to university, but knew I wanted to gain more qualifications.  An apprenticeship was the best chance to do that and I chose BT because be able to study for a BTEC and NVQ in telecommunications while also working and earning money.

Since joining BT nearly two years ago, my role as a Customer Service Engineer has changed a lot. I wanted to be challenged and push myself further and I’ve been given the chance to do that every step of the way. My latest challenge is moving into control where I am learning new skills in the IT Support and Robotics team.

It’s completely different to my last role which involved a lot of working outside, and I am really enjoying the new challenges that are coming my way - there is so much to learn. The best thing about the people that I work with is that they are so helpful and encouraging. They can remember what it felt like when they first started out by themselves so they’re always more than happy to help.

There is a really exciting atmosphere here - there are always new innovations and challenges coming up. 21CN and Openreach have been the latest examples, but what’s good is the way that BT has remained focused on what’s important our business; keeping the customer happy.

Regardless of your job title or position, you can make changes at BT. Big or small, all changes start with someone who is willing to share their ideas and make their voice heard.  So if you really want to make a difference, this is the kind of place where you can make it happen.

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