Our future

Where next?

BT has a long history as a great company, setting the agenda for the industry. As the first major telecomms giant to be privatised, we learned fast about how to deal with competition.

The future set before us is a challenging one.  New companies and technologies are emerging all the time.  Mass broadband access, developments in mobility and convergence and networked IT services are revolutionising the way people communicate. Absolutely everything is changing.

There are exciting times ahead. We’re looking forward to them.

Right first time

Our ability to successfully deliver the promises we make to our customers is a key part of our journey to being number one for customer service. To deliver an excellent customer experience, we all need to aim to get things 100% right first time (RFT) for our customers.

Right first time is how we now measure and assess our performance for all customers of BT, whether they are consumers, small to medium businesses, major global organisations or communications providers. Each part of BT has a right first time plan in place and customer experience data is used to help identify areas for improvement.

As RFT is an end-to-end measure, it will help us all work effectively to our shared goal. To get it right first time, we all need to ensure that the customer experience is front of mind in everything we do, as each and every one of us has an important part to play!