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Our digital vision

For most people, BT.com is the first contact point with BT. So our focus is on making that experience as seamless as possible.

BT.com is one of the worlds most visited internet sites. Our digital team manages bt.com coordinating all of the sales, service, content, platform, technical and design elements of the website for web and mobile

Our vision is to grow revenue from BT.com while reducing our overall business costs and delivering a consistently brilliant customer experience.

Our digital marketing team has grown rapidly from a handful of people in 2005 to 150 people today. Most are based at BT Centre in central London.

Our team has grown in influence as well as size, and now account for over 50% of all consumer sales, 50% of service interactions and over 8m monthly views of our online news, TV, tech and lifestyle content.

What's it like to work in the digital team?

Working in the digital team is fun, lively, and with an incredible opportunity to learn more and progress your career. There are a wide variety of roles in the digital team – from technical and design work to sales, service and content.

We have a strong focus on listening to your new ideas so you can help the team and our business become 'best in class'.

Marketing excellence

Marketing is a dynamic and creative place to work and digital marketing is at the core of our customer engagement strategy. Through digital marketing you'll be making all our communications personal, simple, and brilliant.

You'll get to cut your marketing teeth on everything from social media, to search engine optimisation, pay per click and email campaigns, big data and more. What's more, with exciting propositions like BT Sport, TV and Mobile in our portfolio there's an unrivalled opportunity to learn and grow your marketing skills in this fiercely competitive market.

If business-to-business marketing is your thing and you'd like to work on international projects we have lots of scope there too. We're proud to be one of the leading brands in the communications sector and proud to offer a rich variety of career opportunities for the next generation of marketers.

We're the third largest UK investor in advertising and marketing. So it's very likely you find yourself working on a big budget campaign that all your friends and family will see.

You'll be responsible for making us stand out in extremely competitive markets. Helping to create compelling messages and brilliantly designed campaigns that inform and engage our customers with consistent and strong branding.

Over time you can move on to managing bigger projects with big numbers, building your expertise and developing your leadership capabilities as you go.

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