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Amelia, age 19

After finishing college, I decided against going to university: I was living with my mum and she wasn’t in the financial position to support me. I spent ten months unemployed, and during this time I started to feel more and more depressed. The job application process seemed complicated, and businesses want applicants with experience.

I attended a BT traineeship for a month, starting in May 2015 and it has changed everything for me. I learnt about a variety of business topics such as security, health and safety, the hierarchy of staff, business structures, discrimination and harassment. I then put the learning into action. There were also useful hints and tips for CVs and the opportunity to practice job interview techniques.

My group took on a task to raise money for a local charity and set up a vintage-style sweet shop raising more than £100. I really enjoyed the teamwork and have made some really good friends as a result of taking part.

I would say to anyone in a similar position to mine to apply for a BT traineeship. Even if you do not get a job right away, you will have a certificate by the end of the programme that you can include on your CV, as well as practical skills and a better understanding of the working world. You will also have a strong sense of accomplishment, which helped me feel really motivated for the future.