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Shane, age 19

When I applied, I never thought it would lead to a full time role, but I'm now a permanent employee at BT after originally joining the work placement programme.

Before the work placement, I'd been unemployed for four months. I was lazy, everything I did was half-hearted and I wasn’t really bothered about getting into work. Not having my C in Maths played a big part in not being able to get a job but the main thing was not having any previous work experience.

The work placement changed everything. It provided me with a lot more confidence in myself and the experience I needed. The staff were great and always there to help. They made it all a lot more enjoyable. We were also able to do presentations and charity work and the chance to have mock interviews also helped me a lot confidence-wise.

I’ve gone from barely looking for work and staying in bed all day to being employed for over 30 hours a week providing great customer service to the public. And I’m earning my own money.

In the future I hope to work my way up to being a trainer so I can help people who are just like I was, enabling them to get into the world of work. To anyone in a similar situation to my previous one who is thinking of a Work placement I'd say go for it! You will enjoy it, meet lots of great people and come away with a confidence and knowledge to make a better future for yourself.