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This glossary is here to help you understand some of the acronyms you may encounter in this site. Select a letter below that your word begins with.

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Abbreviation Term Definition


You can play games over the internet against players all around the world. There are some games that you can play directly on a website, or with broadband you can connect your Xbox or Playstation and play your favourite games live with others online.



A hardware or software set-up that translates between two dissimilar protocols, for example Prodigy has a gateway that translates between its internal, proprietary e-mail format and the internet e-mail format. Also used to describe any mechanism that provides access to another system, e.g. BTopenworld might be called a gateway to the Internet.


Geographical Information System

A computer application involving maps and the storage and manipulation of data associated with them.


Global System for Mobile communication

Acronym for the digital cellular radio system based on pan-European specifications. Originally stood for Groupe Speciale Mobile, now Global System for Mobile communication.



A menu system for navigating the internet, generally superseded by web browsers.


Graphical User Interface

Pronounced goo-ee. A pictorial 'front end' program to simplify the operation of computers like the IBM PC and the Apple Macintosh. Documents are stored in pictures ('icons') of drawers or filing cabinets (which represent files or directories in disk drives).



Software that enables groups of people to share, route and disseminate information so that they can work more productively. It is supposed to provide dramatic new levels of connectivity. Information and work packages do flow from one user to the next but the emphasis is on sharing the information, so it is not the same as Workflow (q.v.).


GSM Packet Radio System

A means of sending data signals to mobile appliances using the infrastructure of the GSM phone network.