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Abbreviation Term Definition


Local Area Network

Computers can be linked together in a workplace or home to form a Local Area Network. Computers on a LAN can be linked by cable or wirelessly to each other and to the Internet. See Ethernet and Token Ring.


LAN extension

Connecting distributed LANs at near LAN speed. (e.g. 4 - 16Mbits/sec).


LAN protocol

The format used by devices to communicate across the LAN. Many LAN protocols generate broadcast and multicast traffic and are not suited for use over wide area networks (WAN).



The degree of delay on a communication link. Low latency is always desirable, but is particularly critical on voice and videoconferencing links. A higher degree of latency can be tolerated on data, where the primary requirement is for the integrity of the received data.



The correct name is Yahoo LauchCast. It’s a personalised radio station where you can play music online. As you vote for the songs you like, Yahoo! LaunchCast learns your taste and will play music it thinks you will like.


Legacy systems

The term refers to out-of-date computer systems in large organisations which do not fit into current IT strategy but must be maintained because of the value of the information in them and the cost or difficulty of moving the data onto newer systems.



A freeware implementation of UNIX that runs on a number of hardware platforms, including PCs, Macintoshes and Amigas. Linux has become extremely popular over the last couple years.


Local loop

The part of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) which connects subscribers' equipment with the nearest local telephone exchange. Until recently this was effected exclusively by means of a copper wire. Radio in the Local Loop (RITTL) - sometimes known as a Radio Tail - is employed as an alternative in some cases.