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Abbreviation Term Definition



A low information capacity, equivalent to one speech channel (4kHz analogue or 64kbit/s digital signal).


National Bureau of Standards

Located in Washington DC, USA. Now renamed National Institute of Standards & Technology.


National Institute of Standards & Technology

New name for National Bureau of Standards (q.v.)



To find one's way around the Internet.



As in The Net. Short for internet.


Netscape Navigator

A software program (browser) with a user-friendly interface for accessing and navigating the Internet.



A group of two or more computer systems linked together. There are many types of computer networks, including: local area networks (LANs) - the computers are geographically close together, ie, in the same building; wide area networks (WANs) - the computers are farther apart and are connected by telephone lines or radio waves; home area networks (HANs) - a network contained within a user's home that connects a person's digital devices.


Network computer

A simple computer with minimal processing capabilities. It is connected to a computer network, over which it derives application software and data.


Network server

A network resource which can provide client workstations with services such as: authentication, file storage, processing, printing and e-mail.



Network Termination Equipment

Located in the home or office. Examples are set-top boxes, LAN cards.



Internet discussion groups where views can be expressed. Available for thousands of topics.