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Abbreviation Term Definition



Uniform Resource Locator

The standard way to give address of any resource on the Internet that is part of the world wide web (WWW). A URL looks like this; or telnet:// or news;nex.newusers.questions etc. The most common way to use a URL is to enter into a WWW browser program, such at Netscape, or Lynx.



Universal Mobile Telecommunication System

A third-generation mobile system, expected to be introduced in Europe in 2002.



Became the de-facto standard operating system for mini computers. The objective was portability of applications. Several variants exist.



Sending information from your home or office to any recipient with a computer connected to the Internet. With ADSL broadband, uploading information takes longer than downloading it.



User-to-Network Interface

ATM User Network Interface is an ATM Forum specification of the interface between an ATM user device and the ATM network.


Universal Serial Bus.

USB is a simple pluggable technology used to connect all kinds of devices including keyboards, mouse, digital cameras, disc drives to your computer.