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Abbreviation Term Definition



Wavelength Division Multiplexing

This is a emerging technology which enables multiple wavelengths of light to be carried down an optical fibre providing a huge increase in bandwidth.



These are novel terminal devices for future (interactive) multi-media services



Short for World Wide Web.


Web browsing

The ability to find and look through (i.e. navigate) the contents of the web.


Web portal

A website providing online shopping services.



A small camera that sits on or by your computer that allows people you are connected with on an instant messaging or videoconferencing system to see you. If they have a webcam too, you can have a full two-way audio and visual connection over your broadband line.



Sending audio/video material out to many users (quality of service issues need addressing) - can be used for concerts for example.



A location on the Internet allotted to a particular person or organisation e.g. BTs web site at



What You see Is What You Get

WYSIWYG is pronounced wizziwig. Describes a computer program that produces on screen an image very close to the printed page that will result.



Wide Area Network

A scheme for linking an organisation's Local Area Networks on a number of sites by private circuits so that they work as one whole.



Having a greater information handling capacity that Narrowband.



Wireless broadband that is available at 'hotspots' in thousands of public locations across the UK and around the world. Airports, railway stations, motorway services, cafes, shops and bars increasingly offer broadband access. All you need is a notebook computer with a wireless networking card fitted - you can buy vouchers for access online.


Wireless access point

For access to wireless broadband services you need to be within range of a public wireless access point, also known as a hotspot. There are already thousands of hotspots around the UK and across the world. All you need is a notebook computer or other device that has a card installed for wireless networking and vouchers for access that can be bought online.


Wireless adapter

Each computer or device requires a wireless networking card or adapter to be fitted to connect to a wireless network in the home or workplace or at any one of thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots.


Wireless broadband

Using the special router, like the BT Hub, you can link your computers and other devices to your broadband line wirelessly. Each device needs a wireless networking card fitted.


Wireless networking

Using a special router, you can link your computers and other devices to your broadband line wirelessly. Each device needs a wireless networking card fitted.



An adjective describing telephone systems in which the phones are connected to the exchange by conventional wires or landlines, as opposed to wireless or radio networks.



Workflow management software is a proactive system that manages the flow of work among participants, according to a defined procedure consisting of a number of tasks - a kind of electronic conveyor belt. It co-ordinates user and system resources which can be accessed either directly by the system or offline to achieve defined objectives by set deadlines. Not to be confused with other office technologies such as groupware.



A computer (often a PC) whose main function is to act as a terminal connected to a larger computer. Frequently managed via an agent (see Client/Server).



World Wide Web

A facility developed for the internet, but also used on virtual private networks, which enables network servers to be set-up and registered. These servers contain Hypertext which when clicked on by a user will point them to other network files containing further, related information.



World-wide web consortium

The main standards body of the WWW. Works to establish online commerce and communications on the Internet.



Write Once, Read Many times

A kind of optical disk drive for computers