Superfast fibre broadband helping Cornwall's reputation as a leader in innovation

Superfast CornwallBT is part of new a new initiative aimed at building Cornwall’s reputation for driving innovation and research.

Superfast Cornwall Labs is looking to push the boundaries of what is possible using superfast fibre broadband and the benefits it can offer to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

As part of the initiative at least three PhD student placements will be created at the Combined Universities in Cornwall in areas, such as e-health, creative industries, the delivery of public, and remote e-services and social inclusion.

Among the initiatives already under way is ‘University of the Village’, a project between University College Falmouth, University of Glamorgan, BT and rural communities in Cornwall and Wales.


The project is investigating the ways in which university skills and education can be extended to rural communities using fibre broadband

Another labs project is Vconect - an EU-funded initiative carrying out field trials which goes beyond traditional business use of advanced video conferencing systems.

Experts believe this could revolutionise the way everyone can connect to family, friends and colleagues in future. Plus, it could open the doors to exciting developments in telecare and online learning.

Said Nigel Ashcroft, Superfast Cornwall programme development director for Cornwall Development Company, which manages the £132 million Superfast Cornwall initiative: “Superfast Cornwall’s roll-out of faster broadband is already setting the standard for rural communities across Europe, but our aims and objectives go much further.

“We also want to be a leader in innovation and for our businesses, households and communities to be able to make the most of this exciting technology.

“The Superfast Cornwall Labs banner will bring together a wide variety of innovative thinking in the county, ranging from superfast broadband workshops for householders, businesses and public sector organisations to projects, such as University of the Village and Vconect.”


Superfast Cornwall is a pioneering partnership between the EU, BT and Cornwall Council, which has already made fibre optic broadband available to about 100,000 Cornish homes and businesses.

Labs is a collaboration between a variety of organisations, including University College Falmouth (UCF) and other higher education establishments, Cornwall Development Company, BT and Cornish businesses.