BT's wi-fi network wows the bloggers and Tweeters at LeWeb

Gary Shainberg, vice president of Technology & Innovation SupportA wi-fi network provided and managed by BT Innovate & Design for a major European web conference has gained the enthusiastic approval of more than 2,400 attendees and participants gathered from around the world.

The conference, LeWeb 2009 in Paris, was held in late December and was billed as “the number one European internet event”.  It was one of the major world events for web evangelists, social media experts and tech bloggers − so it was essential that the wi-fi worked well throughout the two days of the event.

The BT Innovate & Design team, led by Gary Shainberg, vice president of Technology & Innovation Support, provided the network that had to meet the huge tech savvy demands of the attendees who were all ready to post to their blogs regularly and Tweet constantly.

“For the past three years LeWeb has not had the fast, reliable wi-fi that its attendees demand. This year the conference organisers brought in BT to make absolutely certain that they had the connectivity they needed,” said Gary.

“The theme for Le Web 2009 was ‘The Real-Time Web’ and in order to deliver that, we needed to make sure everyone could get online,” said Loic LeMeur, LeWeb organiser. “People told us that the wi-fi network was one of the best they’d seen.”

Speed and reliability

Many Tweets applauded “LeWeb’s amazing connectivity” and comments included the “blazing fast internet”, “getting one of the toughest ’community’ audiences reliably online”, and “LeWeb 2009 is the first major web conference I’ve been to where the wi-fi actually worked reliably”.

Gary and team managed the delivery of the network using a cloud based solution using Meraki access points and a Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller, all tied together with a gigabit ethernet backbone.

The network was made up of 26 access points, 39 ethernet switches and 6.5KM cable, and was accessed by 2,937 devices during the conference. The total bandwidth used was 665 GB over the two days.