The future of healthcare on display at BT

The Pulse showcaseBT has opened an exciting new interactive display at its research and development centre at Adastral Park, Suffolk that showcases the future of healthcare.

The Pulse showcase is split into four themed areas – the home, waiting room/office, hospital, and pharmacy - that demonstrates different technologies and innovations. Pulse hosts 1,000 senior decision-making customers a year.

For instance, one of the items on display shows how a tablet PC can be used to transfer information about a patient – such as heart rate and blood pressure - to their GP without having to visit their local surgery.

Another idea is an iPad app that tells you your heart rate and breaths per minute just by looking at you.

Rob Mayhew from the BTID applied innovation and hothouse centre said: “The health sector is one of the last to truly embrace communications technologies.

“But with an aging population and an increase in chronic diseases, the innovative use of communication technology could lead to safer healthcare that is more focused on the patient.”

“Some of the technologies on display are available today, while others are something that could happen in the future if that’s what healthcare professionals want.”