BT's Virtual Data Centre takes Spanish customers “beyond the cloud”

Spainish flag mapBT has launched its Virtual Data Centre (VDC) in Spain, helping Spanish enterprises and public sector organisations improve their competitiveness thanks to the benefits of cloud-based IT infrastructure.

Speedy and flexible – and with the highest level of security in the industry – BT’s VDC is the ideal solution for companies that experience seasonal fluctuation in their IT service demands. As a managed service, the BT VDC also eliminates the need to invest in additional infrastructure that will only be used to its full potential during peak times.

Customers can easily order and deploy servers, storage, networking services and security using the BT VDC self-service portal, It also provides tools to modify the company’s infrastructure and to track the performance of resources.

Ana Lledó, product director and solutions designer for BT Spain, said: “Although the way ICT infrastructure is managed is changing profoundly, companies have been cautious in adopting cloud computing solutions – until now. BT’s VDC answers their call for a solution that goes beyond the confusion surrounding cloud terminology, and focuses on deliverable business results adapted to real needs. By opting for the VDC, Spanish companies can now reduce the total cost of ownership of their IT infrastructure by up to 40 per cent while benefiting from highly reliable services from a trusted provider. BT’s VDC is a strong alternative to traditional provisioning models and to the majority of cloud services that are currently available.”

BT’s Virtual Data Centre has been available in the UK since June, 2009 and subsequently it has been rolled out progressively by BT in Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Spain and Brazil. This coverage allows BT to respond to customers’ global and local needs with operations in several geographic zones, assuring compliance with data protection laws.