BT partnership funds fibre broadband in Iwade

Fibre opticLocal residents in the village of Iwade, Kent, are set to benefit from super-fast fibre broadband following an innovative partnership between BT and the local Parish Council.

Up until now it had not been commercially viable to roll-out fibre broadband to Iwade.

But thanks to a grant from Kent County Council – which in turn has released further funds from BT – villagers are set to benefit from fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) services.

By Autumn 2010, all 1,350 premises in Iwade including homes and businesses will have access to fibre broadband speeds of up to 40Mb/s.

Said Steve Robertson, chief of Openreach: “BT has already announced plans to bring fibre broadband to two thirds of UK homes and businesses by 2015 but we want to do more if we can.”

“Our investment is one of the biggest commercial investments in fibre in the world and we are prepared to invest further if others are prepared to work with us.”

“Our partnership with Iwade is a great example of this and we're very keen to work with other parts of the country on similar projects,” he said.

Nicola McKenzie, broadband committee co-ordinator for Iwade Parish Council, said: “As a Broadband Committee we have worked hard to reach this critical point, giving Iwade residents and businesses the option to sign up to super-fast broadband at such an early stage. Local homes and businesses are relying more and more on broadband internet services. The faster connections offered by fibre broadband will allow local people to get even more out of their broadband connection.”

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Above Nicola McKenzie discusses how super-fast broadband could make a positive impact on the iWade community.

Amongst many homes and businesses in the area which stand to benefit from the technology is the local nursery, Ickle Pickles. The nursery provides a webcam service to parents to help them keep an eye on their child throughout the day. A high speed fibre broadband connection will give local parents even greater peace of mind with a better view of what their offspring are up to.

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