CR Glossary

It's easy to be confused by the jargon that surrounds corporate responsibility. So here's a simple glossary which we hope will clear things up.



A measure of the variety of life on earth, including both plant and animal species.

Business ethics
The practice of using fair and honest principles and values in business behaviour and dealings.

Biodegradable materials
Materials from organic sources that decompose naturally under the correct conditions, such as composting.

Plant materials and animal waste that can be used as fuel.

A form of plastic derived from plant sources rather than petroleum (as in other plastics).

British Sign Language
A visual/spatial language used in the UK, usually by people with hearing difficulties. Information on BT's products and services is available to BSL readers in a special area of our web site. (Go to BT Sign)

Brown electricity
Electricity produced by burning fossil fuels.

BT Archive
Preserves historical information about British Telecommunications plc and its predecessors, from the early part of the nineteenth century up to the present day. (Go to BT Archives)

BT Best
BT's Business Environmental Self-Assessment Tool, designed to help small businesses understand their environmental impact and take steps towards reducing it.