CR Glossary

It's easy to be confused by the jargon that surrounds corporate responsibility. So here's a simple glossary which we hope will clear things up.



Employee engagement index
The measure we use to gauge the overall success of our relationships with our employees.

see Environmental Management System

Energy-efficient phones
In 2008, we introduced a range of energy saving phones equipped with power units that consume around half the power of their predecessors. 

Environmental Management System (EMS)
A management system that helps organisations identify and manage their impact on the environment and ensure they comply with environmental legislation. Several of the EMSs we operate in different countries are certified as compliant with ISO14001 - the international standard for such systems.

Ethical consumerism
A growing trend in which consumers make purchasing decisions based on the social and environmental impacts of the products and services available to them and the ethical behaviours of their producers.

Ethical procurement
Choosing suppliers on the basis of their respect for employees' human rights, the decency of their working standards and the extent to which they care for the environment.

Ethical trading
A term that is sometimes used to refer to the labour practices in a company's supply chain, especially when the supply chain includes the work of people in developing countries. Also used in a much broader sense as an umbrella term for all types of business practices that lead to more socially and/or environmentally responsible trade.