CR Glossary

It's easy to be confused by the jargon that surrounds corporate responsibility. So here's a simple glossary which we hope will clear things up.



A systematic means of communicating through the use of sounds, written words or symbols.

see Life-Cycle Assessment.

Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)
The science of measuring the environmental impact of a product over its entire lifespan, from manufacture all the way to disposal by the final user.

London Benchmarking Group
A group of more than 100 international businesses that work together to manage, measure and report on their involvement in the community. 

Low-carbon economy
Sometimes referred to as the Low-Fossil-Fuel Economy (LFFE), this term is used to describe an economy that has a far lower carbon footprint than would be typical in the developed world today.

Low-carbon electricity
Electricity produced using renewable resources such as the wind, solar energy and biomass. Already one of the world's largest purchasers of low-carbon electricity, we are also investing in wind farms that will meet 25 per cent of our UK electricity needs by 2016.