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Welcome to the Better Business Game

You are about to experience what it can be like to manage social and environmental issues in a business - are you up to the challenge?

As the new Chief Executive Officer (i.e. the boss) of your company you will be asked to make some decisions. You will have to make the best choices you can as you guide your company through the next twelve months.

Your aim is to balance the various stakeholders' satisfaction. You can see how they are feeling in their comments after each question you answer, and track their satisfaction levels. At the end of the game you'll attend your yearly Annual General Meeting (AGM) and face angry stakeholders or a round of applause depending on how satisfied each stakeholder is. The challenge is to balance all of their expectations and needs.

You'll have some help. Watch out for news reports that will help keep you informed.

Answer each dilemma, check the graphs of your stakeholder satisfaction, and keep an eye on the news reports!

You only have one year - good luck!

This game last for approximately THIRTY minutes. The games contents are drawn from general business dilemmas across all industries, and are not based on BT experience or policies.