Influencing our customers and suppliers

As part of our commitments to climate change we are continually developing innovative products and services that can help our corporate customers to reduce their impact.

For example, our Carbon Impact Assessment (CIA) service helps our large corporate and government customers to assess and measure their carbon footprints and identify ways to reduce their emissions.

We are also promoting services that help companies implement flexible working practices. We use our own experiences in this area to demonstrate the benefits for the company, employees and the environment.

Meanwhile, we encourage our suppliers to promote sustainability by identifying “environmental performance” as a key factor in our procurement processes.

Our strategy is to:

  • Harness the capability, diversity and innovation of our supply base, encouraging solutions with reduced environmental impact.
  • Include energy consumption and “whole life” environmental impact as mandatory criteria in judging tenders.
  • Ensure that replacement products and services consume less energy and have less environmental impact than their predecessors.
Influencing customers and suppliers