Reducing our own footprint

We started measuring our carbon footprint in the UK in 1996 and have already reduced it by 59 per cent.

Our challenge now is to achieve an 80 per cent reduction in CO2 intensity world-wide by 2020.

We aim to reduce our footprint through a combination of environmental and energy reducing activities. These include:

  • Our innovative and highly effective environmental management system which has ISO14001 certification in the UK and in six other countries.
  • Recycling and waste reduction initiatives
  • The use of reduced packaging for our products
  • Carbon-reducing initiatives for BT’s fleet
  • Our global energy saving campaign which incorporates energy efficiency in BT buildings, fresh cooling in our data centres and business travel substitution)
  • Our renewable energy solutions such as BT’s low-carbon electricity contracts in the UK and beyond, solar energy usage at facilities such as El Segundo in the United States.
  • Securing future energy supplies – for example through the Wind for Change project.