BT Renewables at Wingates

News - February 2011

The BT Renewables application is scheduled to be heard by Northumberland County Council’s Planning Committee on 6th March 2012.

There are four key points we wish to highlight with regards to our proposals:

  1. The electricity generated at Wingates Moor would be used by BT and would supply enough electricity to power all of our Northumberland operations.
  1. Over the last 2 years we have spoken to local residents and other consultees, listened to their views and have changed our proposals to reduce the number of turbines, move further away from Wingates village and move down off the Wingates ridge.
  1. To benefit the local community, BT proposes to use funds from the wind farm to speed up the delivery of improved Broadband services for around 200 properties in the Wingates and Netherwitton area. BT will also undertake planting and landscaping works at individual homes around the site to limit potential views of our proposals.
  1. BT will not be progressing with a separate wind farm proposal for East Wingates wind farm, just to the east of Wingates village. After thorough assessment and consultation BT considers that this site would not be suitable due to potential impacts on the local community in combination with other wind farm sites in the area. We will be writing to thank local community representatives for their input to the pre-application consultation process.

We hope that this underlines our commitment, as a major employer and contributor to the North East and Northumberland economies, to bring forward a sustainable and sensitive development that would bring direct investment and benefits to the local community, as well as providing BT with a sustainable source for the electricity we need.

News - December 2011

In March 2011 BT submitted a planning application to Northumberland County Council for three wind turbines at Wingates Moor, approximately 1km South of Wingates village. In consultation with planning officials, BT has provided further imagery and information in relation to its proposals.

Northumberland County Council will notify residents in the immediate vicinity of the proposal, as well as advertising the proposal more widely in the local press. Local residents can view and make comments on the plans, using the reference number at the foot of this page, online and in person at County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2EF. Please note that the Council website search system functions best with Internet Explorer. If you are using Firefox please use the search term “Wingates Moor” to find the application.

BT’s proposals are part of a range of sustainable energy measures the company is putting in place to secure 25% of its future energy needs from renewable and low carbon sources.

We will contact Parish Councils and other local interest groups directly to offer a briefing on the additional information and to bring them up to date with the plans.

A separate proposal from BT for a wind power development at East Wingates Farm is not being progressed at this stage.

We will keep you informed as the project progresses.

Imagery of Wingates Moor:

Viewpoints - Garrett Lee Farm /  Southward Edge
Viewpoints  - Ewesley Farm / Coat Yards Farm / Wholme Farm
Viewpoints  - Park Head Farm / Public Footpath ref 128/013 / Longhorsley to Netherwitton Road
Viewpoints  - Longhorsley to Netherwitton Road / Netherwitton / Folly House
Viewpoint location 1: Wingates Moor Farmhouse
Viewpoint location 6: The Chirm Farmhouse
Viewpoint location 7: Netherwitton Hall & Conservation Area
Viewpoint location 8: Nunnykirk School Existing View

These photomontages are shown here for illustrative purposes only.

You can view these photomontages, prepared in accordance with the methods required as part of the environmental statement accompanying the planning application, by visiting County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2EF and quoting the application reference number at the foot of this page. 

BT and Northumberland

BT is a large national organisation with over 80 offices and exchanges in Northumberland alone. The renewable energy which the Wingates Moor Farm site seeks to generate, along with the renewable and low carbon electricity that is purchased by the company, is required by these operations in Northumberland and its operations throughout the UK.

The application reference number is 11/00158/RENEIA

View the planning application.

View the site map and layout of Wingates. 

View a copy of the Wingates Moor non-technical summary.