AGM 2002

AGM resolutions

The specific business transacted at our 2002 AGM can be found in the Notice of Meeting.  All 16 resolutions proposed at the AGM were initially passed on a show of hands.  An overwhelming majority of those present voted in favour of each resolution, and over three billion proxy votes were also cast in favour. 


A poll was demanded by a shareholder on Resolution 2 "That the Remuneration policy contained in the report on directors' remuneration for the year ended 31 March 2002 be received". 

The result of the poll - shown below - was announced to the Stock Exchange on 18 July:


Votes FOR the resolution:

3,415,721,606  (96.82%)

Votes AGAINST the resolution: 

112,009,169  (3.18%)

Accordingly, Resolution 2 was carried. 

Proxy analysis

Fuller details of voting on all resolutions can be found here.