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The Economic Impact of BT across the UK

Economic Impact ReportThe latest version of the Social Study 2013 – the Economic Impact of BT across the UK - is now available.

The report has been produced by Regeneris Consulting, an independent economics firm that provides research-based advice to major corporates, developers, national government bodies and local government. Regeneris specialises in preparing robust assessments of economic impact, focusing on the impact of new technology, physical developments, policy changes or corporate impact.

The study demonstrates the economic contribution of BT to the national and local economies in terms of jobs, output and Gross Value Add (GVA) supported. It highlights BT’s total impact across the UK amounts to £18.5billion GVA which equates to BT supporting £1 in every £70 of GVA in the UK economy.

The report also details BT’s investment in Next Generation Broadband and its investment in Community and Sustainability through our Better Future programme. 

The Ultrafast Lane: How new fibre broadband investment can help British cities pull ahead

How New Fibre Broadband Investment Can Help British Cities Pull AheadThis report examines how British cities have been affected by recent economic history and looks at the challenges that lie ahead. It considers the potential role of high speed fibre broadband in the further regeneration of city economies. It is informed by in-depth economic analyses of the potential impact of fibre broadband rollout on the whole economy (Gross Value Added or GVA) of the UK’s cities by Regeneris, a leading economic consultancy.

The main purpose of the report is to consider how cities can use modest, targeted investments in growth enabled by broadband technology as an element in their wider economic development plans.

It is co-authored by Professor Tony Travers and Don Levett. Tony is a British academic and journalist, specialising in issues affecting local government. He is the director of the Greater London Group at the London School of Economics & Political Science. He has also published a number of books on cities and government. Don is an Interdisciplinary Analyst with experience in urban regeneration start-ups, market research, strategy consulting and private equity. 

Download the full report 'The Ultrafast Lane: How new fibre broadband investment can help British cities pull ahead'.  

Superfast Broadband – Boosting Business and the UK Economy 

Superfast Broadband – Boosting Business and the UK EconomyBT is investing £2.5bn to rollout superfast broadband to two-thirds of UK consumer and business premises by the end of 2014. We believe that superfast broadband has the potential to transform local economies, businesses, households and public services, and to bring new opportunities to all parts of the community. To highlight the impacts for local businesses in particular, we commissioned independent economic consultants Regeneris Consulting to prepare a report ‘Superfast Broadband – Boosting Business and the UK Economy’.

This is the first report to look in detail at superfast broadband at a local level. Based on an analysis of Openreach rollout plans published to date and local conditions, the report projects and quantifies the likely impacts of superfast broadband on growth over the next 15 years.

Investment in superfast broadband is not only about making an economic impact. This report challenges us all to think about what superfast broadband could do to bring change for the better to all of our communities. The full report is available to download.