Online catalogue

The catalogue for BT Archives is available to search online. You can use it to search the descriptions of thousands of documents, books, objects, images and films on subjects spanning the development of telecommunications, from the birth of the electric telegraph in the 1830s to the explosion of the internet and the rise of broadband Britain. Please note that this online catalogue will soon be fully incorporated in the BT Digital Archives, launched on 18 July 2013.

BT Digital Archives

The BT Digital Archives is an interactive online research resource and archive catalogue, the result of a £1 million collaboration between BT Heritage, Coventry University and The National Archives to digitise a core part of BT’s archive collection from 1846, almost half a million photographs, reports and items of correspondence preserved by BT over the past 167 years. The remarkable collection – which is recognised by UNESCO and Arts Council England as being of international importance – showcases Britain’s pioneering role in the development of telecommunications and the impact of the technology on society, and is freely available under a Creative Commons licence to encourage sharing and the use of the material in education curricula and research. Users anywhere in the world can explore 50 terabytes worth of images and documents detailing how Britain laid the foundations for global telecommunications.

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