Charting our progress

BT Globe and Man and Woman looking at computer

  2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 YoY
Adjusteda £19,397m £18,339m £18,287m 0%
Reported £18,987m £18,103m £18,287m +1%
Underlying revenue excluding transit   -3.1% +0.5%  
Adjusteda £6,034m £6,143m £6,116m 0%
Reported £5,861m £5,791m £5,840m +1%
Profit before taxation        
Adjusteda £2,391m £2,656m £2,827m +6%
Reported £2,120m £2,315m £2,312m 0%
Earnings per share        
Adjusteda 23.4p 26.3p 28.2p + 12%
Reported   22.6p 24.9p 25.7p + 10%
Full year dividend 8.3p  9.5p 10.9p + 15%
Capital expenditurec £2,594m £2,438m £2,346m -4%
Normalised free cash flowd £2,307m £2,300m £2,450m 7%
Net debt £9,082m £7,797m £7,857m -10%
Our people 89,000 87,900 87,800  
BT Retail broadband customers 6.3m 6.7m 7.3m  
Total Openreach broadband lines 16.8m 17.6m 18.5m  

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The figures for 2011/12 and 2012/13 were restated on 13 June 2013. See note 1 of the Q4 2013/14 results press release for further information.
a Items presented as adjusted are stated before specific items.
b EBITDA: Earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation and amortisation. 
c before purchases of telecommunications licences.
d before specific items, purchases of telecommunications licences, pension deficit payments and the cash tax benefit of pension deficit payments.