BT Global Services

BT Global Services is a global leader in managed networked IT services. We work for around 7,000 large corporate and public sector customers in more than 170 countries worldwide.

Our customers benefit from our global reach and our ability to deliver services locally in the countries they are in. They also gain from our ability to tailor products and services to their industry. During the year we increased the number of industries we focus on to include global systems integrators, logistics and mining, oil & gas.

Region by region

The UK is our largest region by revenue. We have a large base of customers in the corporate sector and serve public sector bodies such as central government and local councils.

In continental Europe, we run large businesses in key countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Current Analysis ranked us second in the German market for pan-European and global IP and data services. In Italy, we are the main country-wide operator exclusively focused on business-to-business services. In Spain, the telecoms regulator ranked BT as the leading alternative to the incumbent operator in the enterprise data market. We also support customers in Central and Eastern Europe, the Nordics and Russia.

In the United States and Canada, we serve customers from offices in more than 25 key cities.

We have an increasing presence in the high-growth regions of Asia Pacific, Latin America, Turkey, the Middle East and Africa. We operate in 85 countries in these markets, helping multinationals expand into these regions and supporting local companies as they grow internationally. We continue to invest in these markets, hiring more people, improving our products and services and building network and IT infrastructure.

Products and services

We combine our products and services with industry expertise and consulting services. We have simplified our products – categorising them around what our customers need and making them more straightforward to buy and link together. Those categories are:

BT Assure

We provide a range of security products and services including firewalls, web security, intrusion prevention and threat monitoring.

BT Compute

We provide IT services in our worldwide data centres and deliver them over our global network.

BT Connect

We offer a range of IP, ethernet and web-based network services. We deliver these in more than 170 countries over a range of access technologies including DSL, VPN and satellite.

BT Contact

We provide a range of contact centre services to help our customers build stronger relationships with their customers. Our services provide the option of using email, web chat, social media and the phone – either via automated systems or dedicated advisors. Our cloud solution gives customers more flexibility and control over their costs by allowing capacity to change in response to demand.

BT One

Businesses communicate in a number of different ways – by phone, SMS, voicemail, instant messaging, email, video conferencing and data-sharing solutions. They want these channels to be integrated and work together. Our collaboration services help customers simplify their communications and transform the way they interact with their customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers.

BT Advise

Our experts around the world provide consulting, integration and managed services to our customers. They help solve business problems and make sure customers get the best out of our products and services. 

Industry-specific solutions

As every industry has its unique needs and challenges, we provide a range of industry-specific solutions. For example, BT Radianz links financial institutions from around the world, giving them access to hundreds of critical applications. BT for Life Sciences R&D lets research scientists collaborate on a secure platform. BT Trace helps organisations manage increasingly complex global supply chains by giving them a single real-time view of their operations.

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BT Global Services business structure 

 BT Global Services business struture