BT Global Services

We are a global leader in managed networked IT services. We serve the needs of more than 6,500 large corporate and public sector customers.

Our markets and customers

We work for more than 6,500 large corporate and public sector customers in more than 170 countries worldwide.

We serve:

  • 100% of the FTSE100 companies
  • 84% of the Fortune 500 companies
  • 86% of Interbrand’s top 50 annual ranking of the worlds most
  • valuable brands
  • 91% of the worlds top 100 financial institutions and central and local government organisations and other public sector bodies in 24 countries around the world.

By region, the UK is our largest in terms of revenue. We serve a wide range of customers, with the financial, government and healthcare segments being particularly significant. Current Analysis ranked us as the number one provider in the UK public sector market, as well as a leader in the UK IP telephony and unified communications market.

Continental Europe is our second largest region, but the slow economic recovery makes this a tough market as corporate customers continue to look for ways to make savings. We have a strong presence in this region with national networks and metropolitan fibre rings in most major markets. We focus on certain key countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

The US and Canada is an important region for us because of the high proportion of multinationals that are headquartered there.

The high-growth regions of Asia Pacific, Latin America, Turkey, the Middle East and Africa are increasingly important for our customers.

We are helping multinationals expand into these areas and supporting local companies in these regions as they grow internationally. We are investing in these markets hiring more people, improving our products and services and building network and IT infrastructure.

Our products and services

We deliver value to our customers by combining our products and services with industry-specific solutions and consulting expertise. Our network is at the core of what we provide. We have simple product categories organised around what our customers need. This makes them straightforward to buy and link together. Those categories are:  

  • BT Connect - networks that think
  • BT Assure - security that matters
  • BT Compute - services that adapt
  • BT One - communications that unify
  • BT Contact - relationships that grow
  • BT Advise - knowledge that delivers  

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BT Global Services business structure 

 BT Global Services business structure