We are delivering the fibre broadband rollout on behalf of the group and are playing our part in building Britain's connected future, helping businesses to grow and communities to prosper. 

Openreach is responsible for providing services over the local loop (sometimes known as the local access network or the last mile). This is made up of the copper and fibre connections between our exchanges, and homes and businesses. We also offer backhaul products to connect exchanges to communication providers’ networks.

BT’s Undertakings commit us to selling our main products and services to all communication providers openly and equally and on the same terms as we do to BT’s own lines of business.

To make this work properly, Openreach’s operational, engineering and systems capabilities are separate from those of the rest of BT. Around 99.7% of Openreach revenue is subject to these Undertakings.  

Our markets and customers

BT serves the wholesale telecoms customer segment in Great Britain through Openreach and BT Wholesale. In Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, BT serves wholesale customers through BT Ireland.

Openreach has around 540 CP customers, the largest of which are other BT lines of business (particularly BT Consumer and BT Business), Sky and TalkTalk. Openreach does not sell directly to end-customers.

Our products and services

  • Fibre broadband
    Our wholesale fibre broadband product is called Generic Ethernet Access (GEA). The FTTC variant of GEA uses copper for the final connection to the customer. It offers speeds of up to 80Mbps. The FTTP variant offers faster speeds of up to 330Mbps and uses fibre all the way to the customer premises.

    In April 2013, we launched FTTP-on-Demand. This lets end-customers in FTTC areas get an FTTP connection if they need one.
  • Passive Infrastructure Access (PIA)
    PIA products allow communications providers to rent space in Openreach’s ducts or on telephone poles. Communication providers can use this space for their own fibre networks instead of buying fibre broadband services directly from us.
  • Wholesale Line Rental (WLR)
    WLR is a copper-based service which lets communications providers offer own-branded phone services (with their own pricing and billing) using our equipment and network. They pay to use the copper lines between our exchanges and customer premises but can avoid investing in extra network equipment or infrastructure.
  • Ethernet
    Our ethernet products offer business-grade, dedicated fibre connections. Communications providers use them in their own networks and to provide high quality, high bandwidth services to businesses and the public sector.

For more information, visit the Openreach website.

Openreach business structure

Openreach business structure