The Economic Benefits from Providing Businesses with Competitive Electronic Communications Services

Issued June 5, 2007

Purpose of Study

The purpose of the Study is to establish the role of electronic communication services in stimulating the performance of businesses especially in their use of telecom networks to implement successful ICT strategies.

This Study comprises a number of Reports written by various academics, consultants, customer representatives, and BT. These Reports examine the state of competition in the provision of telecom services, the wider impact of ICT on innovation, trade and productivity and the role of regulation in stimulating a genuinely competitive environment.

Each Report is the sole responsibility of the named author(s).

Professor Martin Cave has provided a Foreword to the Study which explains why the needs of businesses should be taken more seriously by policy makers when it comes to the design and implementation of regulation for electronic communications.

The Study also includes an Overview Report which links together the individual Reports, showing how all the issues addressed in the Study are important when setting regulatory policy for electronic communications services. The Overview Report is a joint Report with signatories who are to be associated with its conclusions. The Overview Report is also available in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

BT welcomes any comments on this Study which should be addressed by email to Andy Tarrant and Paul Richards.

Further copies of the Study are available from: Phil Stubbington.

You can download the full Study and Overview report as a PDF documents PDF document

The Foreword and Overview of the report are available to download in the following languagues - French, Spanish, Portugese, German and Italian.