0871 Services: an ICSTIS consultation

Issued June 22, 2007


In general the emerging 0871 market is very different to the established premium rate services (PRS) market.  Generally, any revenue share is a bi-product of the business rather than the core function of the business as it is with PRS.  Therefore BT does not believe that the proposed level of regulation is fair or proportionate at this time due to the lower call costs involved and the lack of evidence of consumer harm.

BT understood from the pre-consultation that the intention was for lighter touch regulation with swift intervention and tough sanctions where unscrupulous organisations are operating. BT believes that such an approach would be more proportionate.

BT believes that these proposals could hinder the growth of the 0871 market, especially at the small business end of the market, and potentially would nudge providers towards alternative number ranges. 

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BT would welcome comments on the contents of this document. Please address any queries on this response to nicola.robbins@bt.com.