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Proposals for Wholesale Broadband Access Charge Control

Issued 31 March 2011


In January, Ofcom published its consultation on charge controls to be applied to BT Wholesale’s broadband services within the geographic area known as Market 1, the least densely populated part of the country. This followed last year’s Wholesale Broadband Access (WBA) Market Review.

With the right economic and regulatory framework, BT and other providers can continue to invest in broadband across the UK, including in rural areas (Market 1) where the case for investment is most challenging. In setting the charge control Ofcom need to strike the right balance between protecting consumers in Market 1 whilst ensuring that the framework for wholesale pricing supports this investment and innovation. The use of the Anchor Product and the Hypothetical Ongoing Network in Ofcom’s modelling approach broadly support these aims. However, BT believes that there are a number of improvements that could be made in Ofcom’s approach. These improvements are outlined in our response, submitted to Ofcom on 31 March.

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