Review of Retail Price and Numbering Arrangements

BT's response to Oftel's 26 September 2003 Consultation on '0845 and 0870 numbers: Review of Retail Price and Numbering Arrangements'  - dated December 24, 2003

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Having reviewed the options Oftel has proposed, BT considers that there is merit in maintaining a link between 0845 and 0870 numbering ranges and geographic tariffs.  BT believes that Ofcom has the mechanisms available to enforce numbering, pricing and communication measures so that consumers are clear as to the tariffs being applied to the services that they choose to use.

However, the NTS model, which drives the numbering and payment flows between all players participating in the value chain forms a complex set of relationships. In this respect, BT would urge a review of the entire model, seeking simplification whilst recognising the needs of all parties; in particular any solution needs to be in the best interests of the consumer.

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Howard Erdunast