Current Cost Financial Statements 2009

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PDF file Current Cost Financial Statements 2009 (1.0Mb)

Excel document AI-23 - Cost data for plant group to service for PPC services and technical areas

AFI-23 shows a mapping of plant groups (top level cost pools) which have been replaced by the components for the PPC and technical areas published services. Total plant group costs are given in each of these instances and a page reference is shown alongside each plant group to enable the user to cross reference to the DAM (Detailed Attribution Methodology) for plant groups description details.
A subtotal is provided for those components that are reported in the published 2009 RFS. These components either relate to non PPC services or selling, general and administration costs.

PDF document Primary Accounting Documents (935Kb)

PDF document Detailed Attribution Methods  (10.8Mb)

PDF file Long Run Incremental Cost Model: Relationships & Parameters (2.6Mb)

PDF document Detailed Valuation Methodology (366kb)

Excel document Detailed Valuation Methodology Annex (2.6Mb)

PDF document BT Retail Catalogue Current Cost Financial Statements 2009 (66kb)

PDF document BT Wholesale Catalogue Current Cost Financial Statements 2009 (589kb)