Connecting the Games

Connecting the Games


4 billion people watching around the world. 27,500 journalists filing their reports. 14,700 atheletes sending messages home. 94 locations including 34 sports venues to cover...And one network.

This was always going to be a big project. We took it to another level by proposing and implementing a single, integrated communications network for the first time for a Summer Games.

Our network handled all phone, video and data communications. It had 80,000 connections, 16,500 phone lines, and 14,000 cable TV outlets in 94 locations. It had a network capacity or bandwidth that's four times that of the Beijing Games. And our engineers have laid 5,500 kilometres of cables to support it - that's the distance from London to New York.

London 2012 represented the ultimate right first time challenge. A programme of this scale and complexity, serving knowledgeable and demanding customers, means all eventualities had to be envisioned and investigated. Working alongside LOCOG, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, and other suppliers we looked for innovative and resilient solutions on a massive scale.

And as one of six Sustainability Partners for the Games we've always had an eye on developing new techniques and best practices, both in the way we build and run the infrastructure, and what happens to it afterwards.

Learn more about the challenges we faced in connecting the Games.

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Technical challenges

The challenges for BT in building the communications infrastructure for the London 2012 Games, the most connected Games ever.
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Design and training

How BT put innovative design and testing processes at the heart of the communications infrastructure for London 2012.
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During the games

How BT managed the London 2012 communications network through our on-site teams to keep the Games connected.
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London 2012: for a better future

As official communications services provider and sustainability partner to the Games, we’ve committed to securing a great legacy.
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