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Evolution towards an ATD multiservice network

M Littlewood, I D Gallagher and J L Adams

Public networks will continue to evolve in order to provide additional services and to make use of emerging technologies. This evolution is being directed toward multiservice networks which allow the cheaper introduction of new services. Asynchronous time division (ATD) techniques are preferred as the basis for implementing multiservice networks, such as LANs, because they can provide full service integration, rate adaption and the statistical multiplexing of variable bit rate services. This paper outlines some gradual evolutionary paths which are directed toward a single ATD multiservice network and could provide immediate benefits. An eventual ATD network could be expected to use short fixed length packets, a mixture of datagram and virtual circuit techniques and a mixture of switch architectures in order to most economically meet the requirements of a public network. The Orwell protocol, developed within British Telecom, provides a means of meeting the performance requirements of such a network.

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