23 May 2011

KidsOut embraces social media for new engagement strategy

KidsOutKidsOut, the UK children’s charity dedicated to bringing fun and happiness to disadvantaged kids, is planning to extend its online presence in a bid to engage with a wider spread of potential supporters.

“Traditionally, KidsOut has enjoyed magnificent support from our friends in the corporate sector,” explained David Cosham, the charity’s chief executive.

“The proportion of income we get from businesses is probably higher than average for most UK charities. That’s thanks to the success we’ve had in building up a business relationships and a solid and dependable network."

“Today we recognise the emergence of online giving, the influence of social media and the potential offered by pioneering platforms like MyDonate. That’s why I’m aiming to move our charity to a more ‘balanced’ income model where, through having a greater online presence, we can engage with new supporters. In particular, we’d like to build our visibility among younger people who tend to be keen users of social media and online resources.”

One area that the charity is currently researching along with a number of UK universities is the propensity of younger people to give to charity.

“We have a belief that young people are increasingly more willing to fundraise and to donate,” said David Cosham. “We also think that young people who might be in more fortunate positions in society are minded to look across to other young people who are disadvantaged – and support them. This is something we are currently investigating closely.”

“The likelihood is that the web, technology and social media will be at the heart of our engagement with these younger people. My expectation is that services like MyDonate will be incredibly useful to us as we move forward.”

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