27 May 2011

Giving White Paper unveiled

Government white paperThe government has published a white paper detailing plans to make it easier and more attractive to give time and money to good causes.

The document – part of the government’s ‘Big Society’ initiative – notes that people in the UK are already generous with their time and money.

But it warns that there is evidence that this kind-heartedness towards charities and good causes has ‘flat-lined’ in recent years.

Instead, the government believes the Giving White Paper will help to make the country even more generous.

Proposals contained in the white paper include:

  • A £10million Social Action Fund to support the most promising ideas for growing giving in priority areas in England and boosting levels of engagement over the next two years – including new schemes for people to volunteer a little when it suits them or match funding school philanthropy projects
  • Establishing a new honours committee to ensure people are recognised and celebrated for exceptional and sustained philanthropy
  • Open up government buildings to charities and voluntary groups
  • All ministers have agreed to a one day volunteering challenge

Said Francis Maude, minister for the Cabinet Office: “The building of a bigger stronger society will not be done by government but by citizens. However, it will not emerge overnight and Government has to play a role in supporting it.”

“That is why, after levels of giving have flat lined for years, this government is taking action, introducing policies to make giving give back, cut red tape and spark innovation.”

“These changes form part of our desire to build a big society, where power is decentralised, public services are opened up and social action is encouraged,” he said.

Read the Giving White Paper here.

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