14 Feb 2012

Advice for choosing a charity

Choosing a charityIt’s an amazing and challenging event - how much easier will that training be if you choose a charity that’s you can really believe in. Here are some tips from the MyDonate team:

1. Choose a charity that is close to your heart. Whether you’re passionate about saving lives, keen to fund medical research, interested in the arts, education or want to support a local charity, make sure it’s something in which you have an interest. An emotional or personal tie to a charity is so more rewarding.

2. Make sure the charity is the one you think it is. There are tens of thousands of charities to choose from and many with similar names. Make sure you get it right.

3. Ask questions. Thanks to the internet, it’s so much easier to find out about the work charities do. But don’t stop there. Engage with the charity, find out about its work and visit some projects if possible. Quiz them about their funding to find out how much the organisation spends on good causes, and how much is spent on administration.

4. Are they legit? Always check to see if an organisation is legitimate. It’s a sad reflection but some unscrupulous people try to cash in on others’ generosity.

5. Volunteer. It’s not all about money. Sometimes helping out with a charity is just as good as giving cash. And on a personal level, the feeling you get helping others can be very rewarding.

6. Protect yourself. Never give out your personal or banking details in response to phone, e-mail or door-to-door appeals because it may be fraudulent. If you want to donate something, make the contact yourself.

7. Gift Aid No matter how much you donate, make sure that that you make use of the tax relief you can get on your donation. After all, every penny counts.

You can search the thousands of charities on MyDonate quickly and easily. You can enter the charity name or just one word such as “children” or “cancer” or “hospice” to check a shortlist of charities to choose from.

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