22 May 2012

Fundraiser Alison Prisley: “MyDonate makes fundraising easier”

Alison PrisleyWhen I first heard of the ‘Big Dip’ I thought it would be an amazing way of fundraising. In the end, I decided not to do it personally. Instead, I collared six of my friends while we were down the pub one night and convinced them all to sign up and raise the money for me.

It was an amazing day. Not only did my lovely friends raise just under £300 for Childreach International, we also got to spend the day in Brighton where none of us had ever been before.

They all did really well and I am so thankful to them for supporting me so much. It gave me a chance to see other participants from other universities taking part in the day and I really enjoyed the unity of it all.

I find MyDonate useful in the sense that other people can see how well I’m doing. It helps if they can follow your progress.

I used to get a bit confused about how much I have actually sent of to Childreach International and how much I am waiting to collect. But my MyDonate page helps because I can see my offline donations and online ones. It’s also handy that I can post my link on Facebook or other social media. Plus, doing it through MyDonate means their donation goes straight to charity. That way, it’s less faffing about.

The satisfaction I get from fundraising is phenomenal. It’s an amazing feeling thinking that the money I raise goes to helping children in underdeveloped countries. It is kind of like an addiction - in the best possible way. As soon as one event is done, you start thinking of other ways to raise money.

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