03 Jul 2015

A virtual passage to India

The youngest fundraiser, 11 year old Rafi Reicher-Saleem completed a 90km cycle ride in June

A new education charity, The Cassidy Trust, is calling for supporters to take part in an epic virtual journey happening throughout 2015.

Those up for the 1000k Challenge 2015 are invited to walk, run, swim or cycle, to collectively travel a 1,000 kilometre virtual journey – equivalent to spanning the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.

So far, 17 people have pledged to participate. They’ll cover a total distance of 682km, raising at least half of the charity’s £25,000 fundraising target for 2015.

Personal best

The youngest fundraiser, 11 year old Rafi Reicher-Saleem completed a 90km cycle ride in June, contributing almost £1,500 and achieving a personal best.

“I love cycling and got a great new bike last year with drop handlebars,” says Rafi.

“The furthest I have ever cycled in a day before is 50 km. It would be great to help kids in India.”

Improving access to education

The Cassidy Trust was launched in 2012 in memory of Dr Clare Cassidy, an academic whose passion was to help expand access to education in India.

And this is where the trust puts its focus, mainly in Uttar Pradesh, the most populated state in India.

Clare’s husband and chair of the Trustees, Dr Dave Toney explains how the some of the funds are used:

“Our most recent project has just begun and will last for three years, reaching almost 1,000 adolescent girls to spend two-three hours a day for a year learning basic literacy, numeracy, health education, gender rights and vocational skills.

“The total amount of this project is £14,000 which means that the cost of helping each girl for a year is around £15.”

A great opportunity

Dave’s also taking part in the challenge, getting himself ready for a one mile swim in September.

“I’ve never been a strong swimmer and this was great opportunity to finally do something about it,” explains Dave.

“At the moment I can swim three or four lengths so I'll need a few lessons and plenty of practice. Clare was a very strong swimmer so I'm sure she would get a chuckle out of my attempting to swim 64 lengths!”

MyDonate is the best solution

When looking for a fundraising partner, the charity decided MyDonate’s service was the best solution.

“It's completely free for us to administer,” Dave says, “and the incredibly low card fees means that we can make a guarantee to our donors that 100 per cent of all donations goes directly to funding projects.

“It gives us and our supporters confidence having the name of BT behind the platform.”

You can help The Cassidy Trust achieve their mission to improve education in India with a donation

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