26 Jan 2016

Dryathlon – you're almost at the finish line!


After the excesses of the festive season, January is a month where many people feel the need to cut back. But some are doing in the name of a good cause, with ‘Dryathletes’ giving up alcohol for the month to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

But this is the point in January where things can start getting tough for Dryathletes; the initial enthusiasm has worn off, the holiday spirit is gone, and things are as hectic as they ever were.

The end is in sight though, so with our tipple-free tips fundraisers can make it through to February, and to a great sponsorship total:

1. Try something new

A night out doesn’t have to mean a night on water. These days many pubs, bars, and restaurants have a great selection of alcohol-free options. Some even stock alcohol free beer and cider. So why not test out something you’ve not had before?

2. Experiment with mocktails

Mocktails – that’s cocktails without the alcohol – are all the rage. Dryathlon’s the perfect excuse to try some out for yourself. Gather your fellow Dryathletes together for a mocktail evening to try some of the old favourites, or even compete to see who comes up with the best creation. To make it even more worthwhile, you could all agree to give, say £5, to the winner’s MyDonate page.

3. Get creative

As well as breaking old habits, now’s a great time to make new ones. Evening classes in things like drawing, writing and photography can help fill the time in your diary that might’ve previously been spent in the pub. And you’ll have something to show for your time at the end of the night.

4. Get outside

Feeling stressed without a glass of wine to calm you down? Then get out in the fresh winter air and combat that stress with some exercise. Who knows, you might even find yourself inspired to launch your next fundraising effort.

5. Do the maths

If you feel your resolve slipping, take a look at your MyDonate page to see just how much you’ve raised. And don’t forget that with MyDonate, you’re not charged commission – so more of that money goes straight to life-saving research.

6. Get back on the wagon

Slipped up? Don’t let January beat you. Cancer Research UK suggest paying a £20 “Tipple Tax” to your own page, and then carrying on.

It’s quick and easy to create a page for your fizz free fundraising. And don’t forget that unlike many other fundraising sites, MyDonate is free to use. We don’t charge any commission or processing fees on the money you raise. That means that aside from a 1.3 per cent credit card fee or 15p flat rate debit card fee, every penny you raise goes to Cancer Research UK’s life-saving research.

For even more hints and tips on how to make it through January without your favourite tipple, take a look at Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon site.


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