08 Mar 2013

New feature on MyDonate helps charities make the most from fundraising events

EventsA brand new feature, designed to help charities raise more money from popular fundraising events, has been introduced to the MyDonate website.

‘Popular Events’ means that events such as The Great Run and Great Swim series, or the London Marathon will now be pre-built on the MyDonate site for the benefit of charities.

As a result, charities will no longer have to spend time building these events themselves – it’ll be done for them. They can choose whether or not they want to use the events and display them on their MyDonate Charity Profile page and have the option of adding their own charity specific information such as contact details, tags and so on.

Andy Hamill from the MyDonate team, said: “The new feature helps charities because it takes on the responsibility of building popular fundraising events for them and reminds them of events that are coming up.”

“With so many major events being held up and down the country, we recognised that a number of our charities wanted to be able to keep up to date more easily. Our Popular Events feature means that with just one click, charities can have their own event copy ready to personalise and publish.”

Getting started with Popular Events is very easy. All charities need to do is log in to their MyDonate account, click on the Fundraising events menu and go to the Popular Events section. From there they can:

  • See which events are scheduled and have been built for them
  • Decide which ones they want to ‘Create’
  • ’Edit’ the events, providing charity specific information
  • Choose whether to display the event on their Charity Profile page

Find out more information on the new Popular Events feature.  

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